Partners & Networks

Our Partners

Accresa is proud to work with trusted provider networks, technology partners, and industry associations all over the country to connect physicians, employers, and patients in support of the delivery of a better healthcare experience.

All our partnerships are meticulously and thoughtfully implemented to bring greater choice to patients and greater scalability and growth opportunity to physician networks.

Case Studies

Activate Healthcare
How Unions of Any Size Can Reduce Costs & Improve Healthcare

Employer-sponsored, on-site, and near-site health clinics have already proven they can have

a positive impact on the health issues that contribute most to high health costs: unmanaged chronic conditions. Learn how organizations of almost any size can remove barriers to health improvement, lower health costs by 10%-25%, and improve outcomes simultaneously.



Direct Primary Care: Evaluating a New Model of Delivery and Financing

This study provides a detailed overview of Direct Primary Care (DPC), market survey results of DPC practices, and an employer case study where Milliman applied an actuarial methodology to evaluate certain cost and utilization outcomes for patients enrolled in a DPC program.


Paladina Health Delivers Results for City of Arvada

In this case study, Paladina Health shares the results of a three-year study that shows how they leveraged Direct Primary Care to lower costs, improve clinical outcomes, and strengthen patient satisfaction for the City of Arvada.

Our Provider Network

The map below illustrates our existing network footprint. The Accresa network is growing rapidly, so be sure to check back often as we continue to add new clinics and expand into new markets.

If you are an employee looking for details on physicians and clinic locations available to you, please log in to your Accresa account.


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