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The only solution of its kind to finally bridge the gap between direct care physicians and employer health plans.

Never in our history has the American healthcare system been so complicated – or so expensive. Physicians and hospitals face the growing burdens of increased overhead and shrinking payments from insurance carriers.

For a growing number of healthcare providers, the solution is to get back to the basics, with a model centered around strong doctor-patient relationships, where greater access to primary care improves outcomes and reduces costs. The model, known as direct primary care (DPC), has sparked a movement among independent family physicians and health systems alike – and Accresa is proud to be at the forefront of bringing DPC and similar models to the millions of Americans that obtain healthcare benefits through an employer-sponsored plan.

Accresa helps physicians realize the full flexibility and growth potential of a membership-driven direct care model with robust payments technology and a benefits administration platform that enables DPC for employers and their employees.

Not only can physicians eliminate the costs and frustrations associated with claims paperwork and unreliable payments, but they also are empowered to unlock new patient demand from employers across the country that use Accresa to manage a direct care benefit program.




"It's been very exciting to actually be able to connect many different employer groups to each one of our physicians and locations. Accresa handles all of the payments and we don't have to worry about it.”

Dr. James Pinckney
Founder & CEO, Diamond Physicians

As employers look for better ways to manage healthcare costs and provide exceptional benefits to their employees, the demand for DPC and other quality-driven benefit delivery models continues to accelerate. By making it easy for employers to implement and manage these types of benefits for their employee population, Accresa plays a critical role in driving demand from the employer market to physicians seeking to grow their practice and expand their patient base – creating new revenue opportunity with less administrative complexity.

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