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COVID-19 has reinforced the need for flexible, virtual access to primary care

June 5, 2020

Dallas - Accresa, in partnership with Ameriflex, is pleased to announce the launch of a new product line, Virtual Primary Care, that facilitates access to a network of physicians delivering telehealth services under a direct pay arrangement.

The VPC offering, which leverages the robust administrative and payments technology of Accresa, gives members access to unlimited virtual visits with a primary care physician for a flat, monthly fee. Unlike typical telemedicine services that match patients to the next available physician, Ameriflex Virtual Primary Care lets members choose their own physician based upon their own needs and preferences.

“Because of the nature of a direct pay healthcare model, doctors can actually build a relationship with each patient,” said Bart McCollum, CEO and President of Ameriflex. “The COVID-19 pandemic has further reinforced the need for flexible, virtual access to high quality primary care. We’re proud to partner with Accresa to help bring this solution to market.”

The Ameriflex Virtual Primary Care service costs $40 per person, per month, and covers a defined set of services that vary depending on the physician selected. These services can include:

  • Unlimited virtual primary care visits.
  • Same day virtual availability.
  • Discount on labs and imaging.
  • Virtual biometric screening.
  • Virtual weight loss management.
  • Virtual stress management.
  • And more.

Ameriflex Virtual Primary Care was released to the general public on June 1, 2020. Initial network availability includes: Texas, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Florida, Arizona, Georgia, North Carolina, Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, Iowa, Nebraska, Colorado, and Wisconsin. For more information, please visit the Virtual Primary Care website.

To learn more about Accresa, visit or contact: Anne Richter, Chief Administrative Officer,

About Accresa
Millions of Americans rely on their employer to obtain quality, affordable health benefits for themselves and their families. As healthcare becomes more expensive, employers have struggled to manage rising costs while still providing great benefits to their employees. Innovative healthcare payment models like direct primary care (DPC) have not been easily accessible for many employers, nor flexible enough to adapt and scale according to the unique needs of different employee populations.
The team at Ameriflex, one of the nation’s largest independent administrators of consumer-driven health benefits and payments technologies, saw the challenges facing employers first-hand. With a 20+ year track record helping tens of thousands of employers leverage new technology to innovate benefits delivery and payments, Ameriflex was in a unique position to reimagine DPC from the employer’s perspective. The result became Accresa: established in 2015 and now a proud member of the Ameriflex family of companies.