Congratulations! Simply by joining Accresa, you’ve already taken the first step towards lowering your practice costs and improving patient outcomes. While it may sound too good to be true, our platform makes it easier than ever to reduce your administrative burden and spend more of your valuable time with your patients — all while growing your existing practice by leveraging our extensive partner network of employers.

Through Accresa, you will have full control over your profile and the customization options associated with your plans and pricing. For each patient that selects one of your plans through the platform, we will collect a “membership” payment (either directly from the employer, or in combination with the patient) and deliver it to you in one single, consolidated payment on the fifteenth day of each month.

By eliminating the middleman (i.e., insurance companies) and the typical claims-based payment model in favor of a DPC model, you’ll be able to replace time spent doing paperwork and claims processing with time spent focusing on your patients and their needs. The best part? You’ll be able to earn the same income from fewer appointments, since you’ll be collecting a monthly membership fee from each patient who enrolls in one of your plans, regardless of whether they visit the office or not.

Accresa provides a simple, user-friendly interface through which you can both set up and manage, at your convenience, plans, pricing, and availability preferences associated with your practice. The resources below will walk you through the profile setup process and provide helpful tips on how to access and use some of the features available to you through Accresa.







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How do I get notified of new patients?

The ‘default’ admin contact for the physician or clinic profile will receive an email notification. Patient information can be found once logging into Accresa.

How does the payment cycle work? When will I receive my consolidated monthly payment transfer?

Monthly payments will be distributed on the 15th of each month. The fees for a specific month are determined on the 5th day of the month, so if a patient joins after the 5th day of the month, that month’s payment will be included in the next month’s transfer.

  • Let’s say a patient enrolls in one of Dr. Smith’s plans on January 20. In this case, Dr. Smith will receive a payment on February 15th for both January AND February’s memberships.
  • Let's say a patient enrolls in one of Dr. Smith’s plans on January 28, but changes to Dr. Jones by February 1. On February 15, Dr. Smith will receive January’s membership fee and Dr. Jones will receive February’s membership fee.

What happens if I change the price of one of my plans?

If you increase the price of a plan, the updated price will be effective starting the 1st of the month following a 30-day window after the change was made. (Example: If you change the price of the plan on January 1, the new plan price will take effect on February 1. If you increase the price on January 2, the new plan price won’t take effect until March 1.)

If you decrease the price of a plan, the reduced price will be effective immediately.

Any physicians offering the plan through an affiliation partnership as well as any patients enrolled in the plan will receive notification of the price change.

What happens when a patient has an outstanding balance?

Outstanding balances occur when a patient’s saved payment method is rejected or declined. Providers can access a report of patients with outstanding balances by clicking the ‘outstanding balances’ icon from the top of the Physician or Clinic Dashboard. Any patients with outstanding balances will also be highlighted in red on the Patient Report, visible from either the Network, Clinic, or Physician Dashboard.

Please note: debts will not be automatically collected through the system, as we prefer not to interfere with the doctor-patient relationship. Once you process the payment using other methods outside the system, please be sure to click ‘Mark Payment as Resolved’ on the debt details page to clear the patient’s debt.

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What is the ‘about’ section of my profile for?

This ‘about’ section should ideally include a patient-focused message and is a great avenue to creatively market your network, clinic and/or physician to prospective patients. Many have found success by highlighting additional services offered that are not covered in the standard plan template (i.e., lactation services). This field supports rich text format and can hold images (JPEG, PNG and GIF). Please avoid uploading PDFs. You can edit it by visiting ‘Edit Profile’ or ‘Edit Profile & Plans’ > ‘About’ from either the Physician, Clinic, or Network Dashboard.

What browser should I use to ensure optimal performance when using the platform?

Accresa is supported in Chrome, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge. Please be sure to update your browser to the latest version -- if using an older version, you may experience slower load times. If you are still experiencing a lag after updating your browser, please contact our support team using the contact form on this page.

I want other members of my team to have access to Accresa. What levels of access do the various administrator profiles provide?

There are three types of admin users: default, general, and view-only.

  • There can only be one ‘default’ administrator. This person can see and edit all settings within the platform, including the settings of any associated entities (i.e. network admins will have access to any of their associated clinic and physician profiles, and clinics will have access to any of their associated physicians’ profiles). They will also receive all system notifications via email.
  • A ‘general’ administrator has the same privileges as the default administrator, but they will not receive any notifications.
  • A ‘view-only administrator’ can access the platform and view account information (with the exception of banking information), but will not have the ability to edit anything or receive notifications.

    The default administrator can add and edit administrators by visiting ‘Edit Profile’ > ‘User Management’.


I’m interested in learning more about networks in my area. What are the benefits of affiliation? How do I start the affiliation process?

By affiliating to pre-existing networks, you can unlock new patient demand and increase your visibility to employer groups that may limit their employees’ DPC access to specific network offerings. The option to affiliate is only available to providers with an independent physician membership. To learn more about the benefits of an independent physician membership and the various networks available for affiliation in your area, click here. Once upgraded, you’ll be able to easily send requests to networks you wish to join and track your requests from within the platform.

Why am I not able to edit my Plan Offering?

If you are affiliated to a specific network through a network physician membership, they may restrict your ability to edit plans. If you are enrolled in an independent physician membership, you have the ability to create and customize your own unique plan offering — however, there may be plans inherited from your pre-existing network affiliations that are restricted from editing, even after upgrading your membership, depending on how the network set up the plan(s).

What fees am I responsible for as part of my subscription?

As a physician, you will be charged a 5% transaction fee for all payments collected through the platform.


How do discounts work?

Family plans are a common practice in direct primary care, so our platform supports the ability to apply family discounts when multiple family members associate with the same clinic. The discount will be automatically applied reflected during the last step of enrollment if the employee adds the minimum number of family members required by your discount settings.

Clinics are highlighted different colors on my Network Dashboard. What does each color represent?

  • Green: One or more providers associated with the clinic are visible in searches and are accepting patients.
  • Red: All providers assocatied with the clinic are not visible in searches and are not accepting patients.
  • Yellow: All providers associated with the clinic are marked as visible in results and allowed to accept patients, but the maximum number of patients is 0. If one provider is added with a maximum number of patients, the clinic will turn green.
  • Blue: One or more providers associated with the clinic are (A) visible in search results but are not accepting patients, or (B) not visible in search results but are accepting patients.